Boys & Girls Clubs of West Alabama has been honored with the prestigious Advocate for Youth Award by the national Boys & Girls Clubs of America, recognizing their outstanding efforts in advocating for the youth of Alabama.


Kim Turner, President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Alabama, emphasized the vital role that clubs like theirs play as community leaders in providing essential afterschool programs. These programs are instrumental in enabling young people to achieve brighter futures. Turner expressed the club's unwavering commitment to raising awareness of the needs of local youth, particularly those who are most vulnerable, and highlighted the significant achievements made possible through support from elected officials and the community at large.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Club Advocacy Engagement Recognition Program recognizes the advocacy work Clubs do every day, with a major emphasis on impact, creativity and innovation

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Each year, Turner participates in Youth Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C., where she engages directly with state and national representatives. In 2024, she contributed to a panel discussion hosted by the U.S. Department of Education, alongside other community leaders, educators, and elected officials. The panel focused on the critical importance of afterschool and summer learning programs in shaping the trajectory of young lives.


Jim Clark, CEO & President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, lauded the advocacy efforts of the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama, emphasizing that such initiatives provide invaluable skills and experiences to youth, paving the way for promising futures. Clark underscored the indispensable role of strong partnerships with elected officials at local, state, and federal levels in achieving these successes.

The recognition bestowed upon the Boys & Girls Club of West Alabama serves as a testament to their tireless dedication to enhancing the lives of their community's youth. Through their steadfast advocacy and collaboration with policymakers, they continue to make significant strides in ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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