Hospitals in Tuscaloosa, Northport, and Fayette are said to be seeing a combined decrease in hospitalized patients being treated for COVID-19. Source.

This news coincides with national trends as the number of people being tested is increasing, resulting in more positive diagnoses. However, the rate of hospitalizations in comparison to the number of people with the virus has dropped significantly, and the rate of death is even lower.

However, the number of new infections is on the rise even on the local level. This fact played a major role in the decision by the Tuscaloosa City Council to implement an ordinance requiring the wearing of masks by individuals operating in the city of Tuscaloosa.

According to Mayor Walt Maddox, local businesses requested the ordinance as there is a need for the curve to be flattened in order for business to return to normal.

"Really, the Titans of industry here in Tuscaloosa County began to reach out to us and asked us to implement a mask ordinance. The reason why is even though an employee may be asymptomatic, the company or industry cannot take that risk of having that employee integrated into their overall operations."

The mask ordinance goes into effect on July 6.  However, this does not mean we should disregard its importance based on a legality that prohibits its being enforced until a certain date. It is still necessary for precautions to be taken to flatten the curve.

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