With the growing concern over COVID-19, most of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home. Due to this increased time at home, boredom can easily set in if you're not staying busy. Here's a list of fun activities and self improvement tasks you can do while in Quarantine.

  1. Catch up on movies and tv shows. With everything being cancelled, Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime and other streaming services are still up and running!
  2. Go for a walk around your neighborhood.
  3. Pull out the board games, cards, or complete a puzzle.
  4. Learn a foreign language. Apps like Babble and Duolingo make it easy to do!
  5. FaceTime relatives or friends who are far away.
  6. Meditate. I use an app called Calm to help me meditate. It's really helpful.
  7. Organize your living space. Use this time to clean up your junk drawer or even better, match those Tupperware lids! LOL!
  8. Laundry duty. Let's face it, we ALL have a pile of clothes that needs to be washed or put up in the closet or dresser.
  9. Do some Yoga! There are plenty of videos on Youtube you could use as a guide for Yoga for all levels.
  10. Interview your kids, spouse or friends. Ask some tough or fun questions. We could always get to know more about people as they change daily.
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