One of the top things I've learned about Tuscaloosa is that there is food everywhere. If you're trying to lose those pounds or don't need any guilty pleasures, this is your time to step away.

When I first moved to Tuscaloosa, someone who's been in the state for a while gave me one piece of advice. "People in Alabama love good food." I'm going into my 3rd year living here and I can say that is so true.

There are a lot of places to eat in Tuscaloosa. I know I haven't been to all of the best restaurants here but I have a pretty awesome list. I always thought to myself, "Man it would be cool if someone created a food guide for people that just moved here." That's exactly what I did!

Here's my list of must-try food places when you move to Tuscaloosa.


Must-Try Food Places When You Move to Tuscaloosa

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