Have you heard about the October #TikTokChallenege at school? It's worse than the challenge from September.

Toward the start of September, there was a viral #TikTokChallenge that encouraged students to trash the school's bathroom. It sounds like a joke, but students across the nation were doing it and posting their videos to social media.



This challenge is just downright disrespectful. Not only does it embarrass your household, but it shows that you have no care for the janitors or school property.

Now, the word is that the #TikTokChallenge for October is to "Slap a teacher" and the word is spreading fast! I couldn't even imagine doing something like this and then posting it to social media.


I've seen parents and teachers online who are furious about this new challenge. they were cautious in September and now that the October challenge is approaching, they're calling for Tik Tok to "go away."

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There is even a post with the monthly challenges listed, showing the #TikTokChallenge for November and December. According to a post going around, the challenge for October is to slap a staff member. November is to kiss someone else's girl, and December is "Deck the halls." The goal is to trash the halls and write inappropriate graffiti.

What I can say is that some of these students who participate in these challenges are going to quickly find themselves in serious trouble trying to gain clout on social media. Hopefully none of these viral challenges takeoff in West Alabama schools.


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