One of the hardest things to do at work is to find out what you're eating for lunch. We have a solution for your lunch dilemma!

Every Wednesday, The Big Dawg DreDay pulls up to one lucky listener's job and drops off some lunch provided by Mezrano Law Firm. Not just lunch from anywhere, we're talking lunch from one of the best pizza places in the city.

Yes, that's right! You could have 6 wood-fired pizzas delivered to your job next Wednesday. This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss. You're probably wondering how you can enter to win huh? First, let's go over all the reasons why you benefit from having lunch delivered to your job from DreDay.

Why You Want DreDay to Drop Off Lunch At Your Job Next Wednesday


If you'd like DreDay to pull up to your job next Wednesday, just shoot a message to DreDay on the 105.1 The Block app letting him know you want your job to be next!

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