Recently it was announced that Alabama schools would no longer serve crispitos. No worries. We've got a homemade crispito recipe for you to use at home.

Not being from Alabama, I didn't grow up eating crispitos for lunch. Hearing all of the Alabamians talk about how great they are made me want to try them. Since I can't get them from an Alabama school lunchroom, why not make them at home?

On my crispito quest, I thought the best place to look would be Tik Tok. Let's be honest, there are some really valuable videos on there!

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The first video I came across made me feel like I hit the jackpot. The crispitos recipe we've all been waiting for!


Did you see what I saw? How could she just cut it off right before the next step? I was too lazy to check out the part video so I just found a version with all the steps in one video. According to this recipe, you can make crispitos at home with these ingredients.

1 pound of browned Ground Beef

2 tbsp of Cumin

3 tbsp of Paprika

3 tbsp of Tumeric

3 tbsp of Salsa

3 tbsp of Water 


You combine those ingredients in a food processor then spread them on a cut in half tortilla. After baking the rolled-up tortillas at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, you'll have your crispitos. Check out the video to see how they'll come out.


For everyone missing their favorite lunchtime treat, this is the perfect recipe to try at home. I may even try this myself and bring you the results. All I need is a taste tester.

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