Fight COVID-19 – Clean Your Car

Let’s face it; we are in the middle of unprecedented times in learning how to deal with COVID-19.  It’s different for everyone and how we handle certain situations.  The big topic is sanitizing your home, workspace, and the list goes on and on.  One area that really isn’t discussed is your CAR!  If you sat down and thought about what you touch daily and how often, I bet you don’t think about the steering wheel and other areas in your car.  For my car, even before the coronavirus pandemic, I personally keep antibacterial wipes and tissues in my car, because I always cover my hands when pumping gas, wipe them clean after pumping gas, and use a tissue for my fingers when having to push buttons on keypads.

I checked out Kids And Cars, and they suggested that to “prevent the spread of COVID-19, sanitize frequently touched surfaces in and outside your car.”  Here are the Top 12 frequently touched surfaces in a vehicle according to Kids And Car; “Car keys (fobs), Exterior and Interior door handles, Steering Wheel, Power ignition buttons (window switches, radio, GPS, other buttons and dials), Gear Shift, Seat Belts/Seat Belt Buckles, Car Seats/Booster Seats, Air Vents, Cup Holder, Grab Handles, Headrests, and Seat pockets.”

So, as we are practicing our social distancing, washing our hands, not touching our face, wearing face coverings while in public, and staying at home, be sure to clean and sanitize your car to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

(Source) To read the full story from Kids And Cars, click here. 

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