Graduating high school is an exciting time for students. Sometimes, they're unaware of the options when it comes to colleges and often times they want to ask questions about the college experience.

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A local organization is giving seniors in Tuscaloosa a chance to ask any questions they'd like to ask at this upcoming event.

Alpha Omicron Kappa also known as AOK, is a leadership development organization for high school girls. AOK's focus is community service and academic excellence which all started in the fall of 2006, and began as an official organization in 2007.

AOK has members who are currently students at multiple high schools across Tuscaloosa.

An upcoming event will focus on college and will be open to all senior students in Tuscaloosa.

"We’ve had our members mention that they want to talk to college students and we encourage that because we have a high alumni network," said AOK Advisor Jacnikia Cowan.

"Originally this was going to be a private event just for our girls, for them to talk to current college students and get their take.

Meredith and I kind of had the idea to include the other seniors as well, and other members around because the panel would be beneficial to all that have questions."

The event is called College Talk 101 and it's open to all graduating seniors in West Alabama.

This free event will be held on March 18th at the Tuscaloosa Public Library in the Rotary Room at 2p.


To register for this upcoming free event with AOK you can click here.

You can listen to the full interview with AOK Advisors Meredith Harris and Jacnikia Cowan below.

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