P & P Produce Will Be Closed For Vacation May 29 – June 5

This past Saturday, I came home after a great time at the Hughes Center welcoming baseball back to West Tuscaloosa. When I walked through the door, I found my wife and son on the couch sleeping. I decided I'd take a trip to the grocery store and do the shopping for the week. Brownie points galore!

When she finally woke up and noticed I was home but left, she called and I told her I was headed home after shopping for the week. She told me she was craving some sweet, garlic pickles. I knew just the place to go for them! One of my favorite places in Northport, P & P Produce.

While checking out I noticed a sign right above the register. the store would be closing soon!

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

When I got to the register, I had to inquire about this. I love this place, and I know plenty of other people in town who do too. an employee by the name of Heather explained to me that this will be the time that their family will take their annual family vacation. How nice!

Heather introduced me to her father James and her mother Sharon. Sharon explained they had to reschedule the family trip last year due to COVID-19. The family trip took place in the middle of the summer last year. This year, the trip will happen during their usual time, Memorial Day weekend through June 5th. They're looking forward to continuing their tradition and they're very excited to be back on schedule this year. P&P Produce will reopen on June 7th.

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I love the fact that this place is family owned and they love spending time with each other. That is something I LOVE about being in West Alabama. Family is everything, and local businesses are thriving.

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