In times of crisis, it is encouraging to see humanity arise. Restaurants are extending efforts to feed children, utility fees are being waived or leniency is being granted, and creditors are providing extensions.

Then, there are businesses like Townsend Nissan, which have been assets to local communities all along.

Townsend Nissan had planned to have a blood drive on April 3rd, and while guidelines have been created to curb the spread of COVID-19, Townsend Nissan plans to move forward with its blood drive.

As if the need for blood wasn’t already critical, during this coronavirus outbreak, the country is said to be facing an extreme blood shortage. So, those with healthy blood are encouraged to give.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is strongly urging the public to donate blood as says there are safe and effective ways to do it while maintaining social distancing practices.

Be sure to stay hydrated, eat well, and maintain good health so you can use your gift of life to help save someone else's.

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