All the men in my life are beer drinkers. So, I know about beer, but I’m a two sip kind of beer drinker. I’m the “let me smell it” type of person. That hop smell is divine.

I’m more of a pale lager type of girl like Corona Light with a shot of Roses Lime Juice. But, you got the different kinds of Ale, Belgian Style, German Bocks, Lager, Pilsner Porter, Stout, Belgian Style, and trashy beer.

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My Dad would say, “sometimes you just want a beer, any kind.” I learned at an early age; Dad wanted a beer when he got home from work. He would crunch the can as a signal for me to get his next beer (and last beer, mother put him on a limit). His choice, German beer, but truthfully it was whatever was on sale (Mom did the grocery shopping).

People slam inexpensive beers, but sometimes they just “hit” different. It could be a hot summer day, just cut the grass, out on the boat, watching Netflix, or you stick your hand in the cooler, and whatever comes out, you drink. You just want that – beer.

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Workshopedia, created a guide for which states enjoyed inexpensive beers and what they favored.  The Yellowhammer state shared their favorite beer with Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Believe it or not, Alabama’s most searched beer was Michelob Ultra.

I was somewhat shocked to find out that it WASN’T Pabst Blue Ribbon. I couldn’t be more wrong. The state that favored that beer was Montana. One of my favorite dishes is 6 Oyster Shooters with Pabst Blue Ribbon from Stinky’s Fish Camp in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I like PBR.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I see some beer pong in my future.

(Source) Click here for more from Workshopedia.

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