I love sports. Football is my game.
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Alabama football is my college football team, and the Cowboys are my pro team (my uncle played for them) on Saturdays and Sundays.
I believe as a die-hard fan that you must have some PERSPECTIVE.
I'm referring to the prospective definition meaning to think about a situation in a WISE and REASONABLE way.
I don't hate Auburn fans or any rivals fans. Yes, I want to beat them 44-0 every week but I want to have an enjoyable experience at the game.
What Tennessee fans did to former Alabama player Kerry Goode, is UNFORGIVABLE!


The reports, and yes, RUMORS, that have not ALL been proven are so disgusting, classless, foolish and CRIMINAL.

I don't know what scumbags, dirtbags, lowlifes, pigs threw things at Kerry Goode but they NEED TO BE IN JAIL DAMMIT!

That's what I said. JAIL. If you don't agree, you're WRONG.


Neyland Stadium has video cameras everywhere and those cameras have footage that can be reviewed. The pieces of crap throwing things at a man with ALS should be easy to spot.


Yes, that's what I said. This infuriates me.



If that's true, and on the video, that is assault in Tennessee.

Lock them up. No wonder your program has NO respect.

The Tennessee Vols fans, that had any part in this, are lower than the stains in Lane Kiffin's boxers.

Kerry Goode is afflicted with the WORST disease in the history of diseases. You have no issues with your mind/brain. You are fully aware of what is going on in your body. You lose control of every muscle and die a hideous death. Sometimes, you die after losing your ability to swallow.

It is so awful. Nobody deserves to be treated like Kerry was in Knoxville, but the "fans" or losers that targeted a man with ALS should be named, arrested and charged immediately, if not sooner.

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