Waze Is A Life Saver On Road Trips

Like a lot of others, I went on a trip during the holiday season. Usually, I'm using Google Maps for directions but I used Waze and it was a lifesaver. 

I took a trip to my hometown of Orlando down in Florida for the holiday. The drive is close to 10 hours. Originally it's like 9 hours but when you add in a baby, food, and gas stops, the drive gets to be a little longer. There are a few things I need whenever I'm making a drive that long. Snacks, good music, and the Waze app!

I first heard about Waze back in 2015. My fraternity brother had just moved to Nashville and he kept telling me about this app I should use on road trips called Waze. I never even downloaded it until years later.

When I made my drive to Orlando, I used Waze instead of the usual Google Maps and I forgot how great the app was. I used it before but stopped using it for a while.

I love how the app gives you real-time updates about hazards on the road, animal warnings, and vehicles on the side of the road. The alerts are in realtime and in my experience have been accurate 99.8% of the time.

The downside of the app is that it alerts you about everything! So that means you're hearing the app voice a lot and for me, it's annoying because I like to listen to my music while on the road. Also, the app is able to let people know about hazards because users are able to input them within the app while driving. That may not be the safest method, but it literally takes a few seconds to do. My best advice is to let the passenger do it for you.

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