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Say it isn't So!

But unfortunately, it is so. And we have video proof.

Possible recalls and store shutdowns may be coming.

If you remember recently Family Dollar went through a similar problem.


More than 1000 rodents were found inside a Family Dollar distribution facility in Arkansas. This facility supplied Alabama stores. Tuscaloosa Family Dollar stores were included.

The Food and Drug Administration said a complaint
from the West Memphis, Arkansas facility resulted in inspectors finding rodents. Live rats, dead rats, rat feces, dead birds, and bird droppings were found.

Plague of rats trying to escape
Mario De Moya F

After fumigating the Family Dollar supply warehouse more than 1100 rats were recovered.

The FDA said it was working with Family Dollar stores to recall all affected products.
Contaminated products included food, pet food, cosmetics, medications, and medical devices that were sold in January or February 2022 at Family Dollar Stores in Alabama and other surrounding southern states.  Family Dollar listed 404 stores in the South that may have sold contaminated products, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Some stores were closed for weeks!

Now we have news that A Dollar General distribution center in Bessemer will close temporarily for at least two weeks due to a possible "pest" infestation they say. 


No, it's true. And we have the video to prove it.

A former employee that goes by “Collegeville GQ” on Facebook posted videos of rats in the food and dead rats on the ground.

The first video shows rats going through a bag of dog food.

How many of you have purchased that food recently?

The next video is dead rats.

A statement about the warehouse’s closure and rodent claims was released by Dollar General to CBS 42 Monday:

“At Dollar General, the health and safety of our employees is of the highest priority. Although we believe preventative and responsive pest control programs and efforts have been appropriate thus far at our Distribution Center, we are taking additional and proactive steps to accelerate our progress,” the statement reads. “These efforts further demonstrate our commitment to ensure a healthy, safe workplace. All employees will be paid during this temporary closure, and we look forward to resuming normal operations at the Bessemer facility by mid-August.”

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