Recently, members of the Hillcrest community were caught by surprise to learn about the passing of Hillcrest sports fan and student Cameron Prince.

Never would I have imagined I'd be saying the words "RIP CP." When I first moved to Tuscaloosa in 2019, the very first school I connected with was Hillcrest high school. I would go to their football games, basketball games, and other sports events. No matter where I went on that campus there was always one constant. A warm, smiling face from a student who I'd come to know as "CP."

Cameron instantly caught my attention because he was in the marching band at Hillcrest High. As a former marching band member myself, I know that some of the coolest, most genuine people are in the band. This was beyond true for CP.

There was never a moment where I saw him down or without that huge smile on his face.

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I can only imagine how his parents, family, and friends may feel. Knowing that we won't get to see his smile in person again or hear him laugh or play the drums or snap some cool pictures. The energy CP brought to the Hillcrest student section will forever be missed.

After listening to my show on the radio and seeing me at football games, CP invited me to my first Hillcrest High school basketball game. I was anxious to see how fun it would be, especially when he bragged that Hillcrest had the best student section in the state!

I can tell you that the students did not disappoint. It was the most fun I'd had at a high school basketball game in a long time, and CP was leading the charge.

Like everyone who knew him, I'm thankful for the moments we spent together, and will forever remember the impact CP had on my life. I'll remember to smile as much as CP did and more importantly, treat everyone with kindness and enjoy life. Go, Patriots!

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