I didn't want to do this story.

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I really do NOT need another critter/insect/animal to be freaked out by in Alabama...or anywhere else for that matter.

However, if I have to be freaked out about it, well, so do you.

Strongest Animal (For Its Size)
Photo: Scott Stockwell

That, my friends, is the Atlas beetle. According to insectidentification.org, Alabama has 178 beetle varieties to enjoy. Although, I don't enjoy them.

Of course, Bama Bug Fest at the Alabama Museum Of Natural History in Smith Hall on the campus of the University Of Alabama.

BUG FEST? Are there live bands and funnel cakes?

Largest Invertebrate
Photo: Huffpost.com

Hey, how about the Giant Squid? It's the worlds largest invertebrate, with the biggest one measured at 59 feet long!

Smallest Mammal
Photo: Huffpost.com

That, my friends, is the Etruscan shrew. The world's smallest mammal.

I don't know if you can find them in Alabama, but you can find the Southern short-tailed shrew here and it is kinda similar.

Most Venomous Animal
Photo: Guido Gautsch/Flickr

That bad boy is the most venemous creature in the world. The SEA WASP jellyfish with enough venom to kill 60 adults. That is lots of venom.

Loudest Animal
Photo: Ishara S. Kodikara, AFP/Getty Images

Above, you see the LOUDEST animal in the world. The Blue Whale's low frequency pulses can be heard over 400 miles away. Dang. That is loud.

Longest Lifespan
Photo: Cory Doctorow/Creative Commons

The giant tortoise has the longest lifespan. Crazy but this one has lived over 175 years. That is one old dude.

Fastest Land Bird
Photo: Patrick Herzog, AFP/Getty Images

Above you are looking at the FASTEST land animal. The ostrich can run up to 45 mph. Man, that's fast.

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