Growing up, did you have a pair of sneakers that were only to be worn at school? What happened if you got them too dirty?

I specifically remember getting yelled at when I was a kid for getting my school shoes too dirty during the school year. It was one of the scariest times of my childhood. The look in my mother's eyes was something I'll never forget. As a parent, I now know what that look meant.

It meant she spent too much money on those school shoes for me to mess them up. Lol!

We had school shoes and play shoes. Our school shoes were brand new and we were only supposed to wear them at school. The moment we got home, we took off our school shoes and put on our play shoes. Those were the designated pair of shoes to wear when not at school. Truth be told, those were just last year's school shoes.  The one thing we knew not to do was get our school shoes dirty.

This Tuscaloosa mom came home to her daughter's dirty school shoes. It would make sense if it were the 6th month of school. This is just the 3rd day of school and her brand new shoes look like they've been through more than 3 days.


Courtesy of Leandra Frank
Courtesy of Leandra Frank


When asked about her daughter's shoe, Frank said, "When I asked her what happened to her shoes she said she fell on the playground and got them dirty. My assumption is after that she basically just 'had to see it through.' "

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I couldn't imagine coming home with my schools shoes looking like this. I couldn't imagine my kid coming home with exspensive shoes looking like this after only 3 days of school. I asked Leandra if she knew what shoes she'll by next for her daughter. Her response was, "Next time she’s getting Black Forces because obviously she’s about that life."

Kudos to her for keeping cool in this time of crisis. Yes, the shoes may be exspensive but they're just shoes. Afterall, kids will be kids right?

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