The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit announced additional charges Monday for Jeremy Hall, a former Tuscaloosa parole officer who was charged for sexual misconduct with wards he supervised.

As previously reported by the Tuscaloosa Thread, Hall was arrested on August 12 after it was revealed that he allegedly "engaged in sexual conduct with a person currently on probation or parole."  

Hall was formally a parole officer in Tuscaloosa as an employee of the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Parole. He was fired after charges were brought forward in the case.

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Captain Jack Kennedy, commander of the VCU, said in a release the investigation has continued since his arrest and determined that "multiple other persons who were supervised by Hall in his role as a probation officer have been located that were coerced or otherwise convinced into engaging in sexual conduct with Hall."

Kennedy said six additional warrants were obtained for Hall's arrest on custodial sexual misconduct and he was arrested again Monday morning.

"These six warrants are for four new victims, so for some of these victims, these incidents occurred more than once, that we were able to prove," Kennedy said.

Hall was transferred to the Tuscaloosa County Jail, where he is being held on a combined $90,000 bond. The release also stated the District Attorney’s Office filed and granted a motion, applying numerous release conditions if Hall is released on bond, including ankle monitoring.

Kennedy said the unit believes there are several other victims who are asked to come forward in the case.

"We do believe that there are still other victims out there and we still strongly encourage anyone who was propositioned, threatened, suggested, coerced or otherwise convinced, in any way, to engage with Mr.Hall or any other police officer, probation officer or state officer in any sort into an unwanted sexual relationship to contact us immediately," Kennedy said.

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