It has been the summer of the dang gator.

I'm sick of them. It is literally every single day. In Alabama, Florida, Louisiana this summer it is like they are taking over the south.

Now, firefighter J.C. La Verde is the latest to face off with a gator.

J.C. was shooting some type of instructional video when he was attacked by a 12-foot alligator.

The attack happened in Lake Thonotosassa, which is near Tampa, Florida.

He spoke of feeling the gator's teeth, and that was enough for me. I don't ever want to feel a gator's teeth.

J.C. was literally INSIDE the alligators mouth, thus the fact he felt it's teeth.

"When I felt the teeth, I immediately knew," La Verde said, "And then as I opened it, I knew that I either turned it or it turned me. But it was confused, just as I was confused, and then it just let go."

By the way, did I mention that the alligator was TWELVE FEET LONG? OK, just making sure.

C'mon man. That would have caused me to die right then and there.

He ended up in the hospital (more on that later) and was in surgery for hours to repair the life-threatening damage to his body.

J.C. believes it was an absolute miracle that he survived. A miracle from God, he says. I am completely in agreement.

A drone overhead captured the scary....uhh, no, HORRIFIC incident below.

*Video courtesy of DefeatX

For more on J.C.'s brush with an alligator and death, CLICK HERE.

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