Dave Wants West Alabama To Know "Jesus Saves" 

On any given Sunday, you may be driving down highway 69 and notice a guy holding a sign near the street. The message on the sign is simple, "Jesus Saves."

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As I was driving around Tuscaloosa on my weekend grocery run, I had a lot of things going through my mind. Usually, the weekends are used for relaxing and preparing for the upcoming week so I was mentally creating a checklist for the week. As I'm mentally sifting through my weekly tasks list, I notice a guy near the street dancing and waving at cars. I immediately thought, "Man those people that dance with signs to get people in their stores must have a lot of fun at work." When I got closer, I learned that this dancing guy wasn't at work at all.

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

At this point, I'm driving down 69 and I get to Southview Lane. I notice that he has a simple cardboard sign that says "Jesus Saves," I had to pull over to speak with him. He was so happy and upbeat waving at cars, he must really enjoy what he's doing.

We started talking and I asked him why he's on the corner holding this sign and waving at people. I really wanted to know his personal reasons for what he was doing. Dave told me that he's doing it to "stop somebody from committing suicide, beating on their wives,  or feeling weak and feeling like no one can help you." After flatlining in a hospital in Massachusetts from a stab wound, Dave thanks God for being alive and having the chance to do what he's doing.

You really never know what people are going through and when they could use a pick me up. That little sign and his energy made me smile that day. I hope he can continue what he's doing and bring smiles to more faces around Tuscaloosa.

Have you ever seen Dave while driving around Tuscaloosa?


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