We all know flooding waters can be a very dangerous thing, especially in Alabama. You can always trust Tik Tok to provide some laughter during scary moments.

We're approaching the fall season and hurricane season is almost at its end. Even with the season almost over, the rain doesn't seem to be letting up in West Alabama.

Over the weekend, flash floods raged across West Alabama, even taking the life of a man in Tuscaloosa. 

Amid the horror stories and trying to stay safe, you can always depend on Tik Tok to bring some light to the situation. A recent Tik Tok video shows University of Alabama students on the Crimson Ride in the midst of floodwaters.

The video shows waters seeping through the bus doors onto the floor of the bus and even flooding up to the bottom of the bus seats. at one point in the video, the bus flooded so much that students had to hold their feet up to prevent themselves from being soaked.



The comments under the video were just as hilarious as the Titanic reference in the caption. One of the top comments is from a Tik Tok user named Logan Brown. It was simple but hilarious.

-"I Think the Tide is coming in."

A few of my other favorites were, "The Tide do be rolling," and "I just wanna know why they were still driving." To my knowledge, no one was hurt as a result of this particular flooding incident. We're glad we could be able to find some humor in moments like these.


Please continue to be safe during floods and if you'd like to stay up to date with the weather in West Alabama, make sure you grab our free app!

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